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It is widely acknowledged that the workplace — particularly the technology sector — is rife with unconscious bias against women and other minority sectors.  While recent initiatives to ‘break’ the glass ceiling” have been an exciting, galvanizing force, the pace and rate of change in gender equality has stalled or declined.

  • According to the World Economic Forum, the gender pay gap is widening, and at the current rate, it will be 217 years before we achieve gender parity. But the WEF findings show that when women are better represented in leadership roles, more women are hired across the board, and suggests: “it will require men and women, at all levels, to embrace and promote diversity and inclusion.”
  • McKinsey’s recent study found that it starts at the beginning: “Fewer women than men are hired at the entry level, despite women being 57 percent of recent college graduates. At every subsequent step, the representation of women further declines, and women of color face an even steeper drop-off at senior levels.”  The result, according to the study,  “…one in five C-suite leaders is a woman, and fewer than one in 30 is a woman of color. "

Real action is required from business, academic and policy-making circles to break this cycle by actively seeking, mentoring, investing in and championing founders, leaders and talent who are female or other under-represented minority constituencies.

This is a key mission of The Future Collective(tm)  a global collective of female leaders in the blockchain and cryptocurrency sectors  formed in February 2018 at the Inaugural Women in Blockchain Summit, hosted by Future\Perfect Ventures.

The Collective’s mission is to promote knowledge sharing, to foster diversity in the nascent sectors of cryptocurrency and enabling blockchain technology, and to nurture the next generation of transformative companies and leaders who are developing and realizing the full economic and social potential of blockchain technology

The Blockchain Inclusive and Diverse (BID) Pledge is a key result of the Summit, whose 20 attendees — female leaders representing a cross section of legal, investment, technical and corporate expertise around the world — are initial signatories.  The BID Pledge is intended to harness marketplace and social momentum and deploy it into real action that will not only unlock significant new business opportunities and markets, but generate demonstrable, positive and global social impact.

In addition, the Future Collective’s members have committed to establish a baseline on the number of minorities in the sector, track progress and release a yearly trends report. All signatories will also commit to state one specific action they will take to fulfill the mission of The Future Collective(tm).


Blockchain Inclusive and Diverse (BID) Pledge

An Initiative of The Future Collective(tm)

  • I pledge to take action to ensure that funding, technical and talent development of the blockchain and cryptocurrency sector is inclusive and diverse and reflects a broad global constituency (that otherwise may have been ignored or underserved);
  • I pledge to seek out opportunities to invest in or hire under-represented minority groups within the blockchain and cryptocurrency sectors;
  • I commit to supporting and mentoring under-represented founders and business leaders in blockchain and cryptocurrency;
  • I pledge to recommend under-represented groups to have a voice at key public forms on a global and local level;
  • I pledge to leverage my network and relationships to mentor, support and enable the advancement of under-represented groups in academia, policy and business;
  • I pledge to encourage and fund scholarships for under-represented groups to attend industry conferences;
  • Where one or several of the above initiatives have already been implemented by individuals and companies represented by the initial signatories, the undersigned commit to support other companies in doing the same;
  • In addition, I pledge to take the following, specific action at my company, academic institution or entity:

Everledger: Leanne Kemp, founder of Everledger (which has a 60% women on staff), has committed to an internship program in conjunction with organizations including Girls Who Code and Black Girls Code;

Future\Perfect Ventures: Jalak Jobanputra, Founder and Managing Partner, has committed to quarterly office hours for underrepresented entrepreneurs who are contemplating starting companies in the sector;

Sandra Ro: As founder of Goat Farm in Vermont, a retreat for founders and investors in the blockchain sector, Sandra Ro has committed to hosting a Future Collective (tm) Summit at the farm in the summer of 2018;

Amber Baldet (insert company/entity) has pledged to get blockchain related curriculum to organizations such as Girls Who Code and Code Academy and Black Girls Code;

Andrea Tinianow (entity),  Joshua Clayman (entity) and Emma Channing (entity)  have committed to a legal training program for lawyers from under represented backgrounds;

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