Blockchain Inclusive and Diverse (BID) Pledge
An Initiative of The CollectiveĀ Futureā„¢

I pledge to take action to ensure that funding, technical and talent development of the blockchain and cryptocurrency sectors is inclusive and diverse and reflects a broad global constituency (that otherwise may have been ignored or underserved);

I pledge to seek out opportunities to invest in or hire under-represented minority groups within the blockchain and cryptocurrency sectors;

I commit to supporting and mentoring under-represented founders and business leaders in blockchain technology and cryptocurrency;

I pledge to recommend under-represented groups to have a voice at key public forums on a global and local level;

I pledge to leverage my network and relationships to mentor, support and enable the advancement of under-represented groups in academia, policy and business;

I pledge to encourage and fund scholarships for under-represented groups to attend industry conferences;

Where one or several of the above initiatives have already been implemented by individuals and companies represented by the initial signatories, the undersigned commit to support other companies in doing the same;

In addition, I pledge to take a specific action individually, at my company, academic institution or entity and will state it here.


The Blockchain Inclusive and Diverse (BID) Pledge is a group of leaders representing a cross section of legal, investment, technical and corporate expertise around the world.