Jalak Jobanputra and a group of women business leaders pose for a portrait during a conference at The Williamsburg Hotel in New York, New York on February 10, 2018. (Photography by: Yana Paskova)

Copyright © Yana Paskova 2018

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Jalak Jobanputra
Chair // Collective Future
Founding Partner of Future\Perfect Ventures


Amber Baldet
Lead at J.P. Morgan Blockchain Center of Excellence

Ambre Soubiran
Founder and CEO of Kaiko

Andrea Tinianow, Esq.
Chief Innovation Officer for Global Kompass Strategies

Angela Dalton
Managing Director and Head of TMT at Guggenheim

Arianna Simpson
Founder of Autonomous Partners

Carol Van Cleef
CEO of Luminous Group

Elizabeth Rossiello
CEO and Founder of BitPesa

Emma Channing
CEO and General Counsel of the Satis Group

Joshua Ashley Klayman
Chair of Wall Street Blockchain Alliance

Jutta Steiner
Co-founder of Parity Technologies

Kelley Weaver
Founder of Melrose PR

Leanne Kemp
Founder & CEO of Everledger

Maja Vujinovic
CEO at OGroup

Meltem Demirors
Founder and CEO Athena Capital

Preethi Kasireddy
Founder & CEO of TruStory

Sam Radocchia
Co-Founder and CMO at Chronicled

Sandra Ro
Managing Partner & COO at UWINCorp